Repiping in Virginia Beach

Are you experiencing leaks or low water pressure? Plumbing problems that are not addresses will only get worse with time. The only solution is to find what the problem is before it causes serious damage.  Repiping is not a “do-it-yourself” job. Mr. Plumber offers repipe services in Virginia Beach that will solve your plumbing problems!

Repiping is one of those plumbing services most homeowners & business owners don’t look forward to. Whether your pipes have already burst or you would like to prevent problems from happening in the future, Mr. Plumber is the repipe expert in Virginia Beach to call! Our plumbers offer quality repiping to our commercial and residential customers.

How Plumbing is Repiped

Mr. Plumber specializes in repiping homes & businesses in Virginia Beach. Repiping is the process of replacing the hot and cold water lines. We have to tools to located pipes and replace them properly.

Types of Piping for Plumbing Repairs

There are two types of piping that are used in the repiping process. Copper piping and PEX piping are used because of their cost, efficiency and safety. Copper piping prevents bacteria from growing inside of the pipe providing healthy drinking water. PEX piping is made from a plastic material that is both flexible and lightweight. This material is resistant against corrosion and will help improve water pressure.

Is it time to repipe?

Frequent repairs or leaks in your pipes are one of the reasons to consider repiping. Major pipe failure – such as a leak or pipe burst – may also justify a whole-home repiping. Any leak from small to large can cost you a lot of money if not addressed.

If you see discolored water coming from your taps, this could be caused by rust or other corrosion. Any type of rust or discoloration in the water can be a health risk and mean a burst pipe can happen.

If you are experiencing any pipe issues call Mr. Plumber. We use camera inspections of piping so we can show you the problem!

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