Toilet Repair & Replacement in Virginia Beach

A toilet is an essential part of your bathroom. When a toilet is damaged, leaking, or inadequate for your needs call the professionals at Mr. Plumber. Replacing or upgrading your old toilet will prevent serious damage to your floors. We can replace broken and worn toilet parts and have your toilet working like new in no time! We can provide same day installation on most new toilets.

Our friendly and knowledgeable plumbers specialize in all types of drain, sewer, toilet, leak & all other types of plumbing installation and repairs.

Toilet Repair

Mr. Plumber is a trusted plumber in Virginia Beach for residential & commercial toilet repair and replacement. We fix issues like leaky, running, or backed-up toilets. Our licensed, trained plumbers are available 24/7 to provide emergency toilet repair in Virginia Beach.

When you have a problem with your toilet—whether a clog that can’t be fixed with just a plunger, a leak, or a toilet that won’t flush—you need a plumber, fast. Mr. Plumber knows that toilet issues are one of those plumbing problems that just can’t wait, which is why we provide prompt, professional 24/7 assistance you can count on. Our team of plumbers are able to quickly & correctly identify the problem to get your toilet working again. From un-clogging stubborn blockages to replacing worn out parts to installing entirely new toilets, you can count on Mr. Plumber.

Toilet Replacement

Toilets don’t last forever, if you think your toilet is old enough to go to that big bathroom in the sky, we can set you up with a brand-new, top-of-the-line model.

Our expert plumbers will work with you to find the toilet that is the right fit and price for you. You might be surprised how many options there are. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll get your new toilet installed.

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